Food Glorious Food


Guess what? I like food. (Shocker! Doesn’t everyone!?)

I love cooking (most of the time…I live in the real world, cooking from scratch after being out all day isn’t always possible….or fun). I am by no means the Ace of Cakes or Masterchef, but I enjoy it and can do enough to feed my family and friends. Occasionally I even step out of my comfort zone and follow a new recipe!

I was thinking about a cookery post and realized that food is a much better topic; allow me to explain…..

Food affects all areas of our lives; people have allergies or choose ‘free from’ diets, (*waving* veggie over here.) Religious commandments often include rules about food. The money we have affects what we eat and what we eat is a sizeable chunk of our household budget (which is why you’ll find pages on here for budgeting and for recipes).

Basically, what we eat is directly linked to how healthy we are and how we feel. Still with me? Then let’s think outside the box….


What if ‘food’ isn’t food? (BOOM! Welcome to the mind-blowing bit….you’ll get used to me)

What we ‘eat’ isn’t just about what we cook. We need to feed our minds, souls, relationships…everything!

This is not my teacher head saying you should read more (although, it’s not a bad idea…..just saying) it’s more to do with positive influences.

If you feed your body garbage, it doesn’t work properly: If you feed your mind depressing news and soap opera style magazines, without putting the good stuff in then you’re mind and emotions won’t like it.

Feeding relationships, whether with your partner, friends or God, takes time and loving care from all parties.

Basically, food is input and we need to consciously choose what we put into life and the lives of others…….perhaps have a think about it while you’re cooking tea.



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