Illness and Remedies

OK, so we’re all just recovering from major head-colds, sore throats, etc in our house….so glad to be on the mend!

I hate taking tablets and I try not to give kiddies strong medicine unless absolutely necessary, so here’s what we did:

  • Kept Warm (Even if that meant having the heating on in May!… often just a blanket or duvet though)
  • Drank tons of fruit juice (for vitamins) and hot drinks (because it’s soothing….and I am totally on board with the whole British “cup of tea makes everything better” thing)
  • Ate little and often, didn’t feel up to much (and not majorly up for cooking) so small meals and snacks kept strength up
  • Used menthol sweets/gum
  • Used heat rub and vapour products (like Olbas) for headaches and clearing airways
  • Washed a lot: lots of hot showers, disinfecting kitchen and handles, lots of laundry (oh the joy! I am NOT a naturally tidy person)


If you have any tips for dealing with illness and germ-killing then please share. x


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