Christmas in May

It was only a matter of time before I posted an insanely early Christmas blog, I make no apologies: I love Christmas!!

Today has been kind of Christmas-themed in our house, largely due to the fact that my daughter is home poorly and chose to watch Nativity 2 while she was resting. (I know, she’s sooooo my daughter: I’m a proud Mumma!)

Completely off-topic but I went to an aqua-fit class today for the first time in ages, which made me almost as happy as Christmas does! 🙂

Also, I did some budgeting earlier and realized I need to increase my payment to Park towards our Christmas savings. If you don’t know about Park, they’re a catalogue where you pick either goods or shopping vouchers and pay small amounts until November when they ship. I save for vouchers that can be spent in many different shops and it means over half of Christmas is paid for by November. In fairness, I could cover it all but I like to do some cash to pick up some gifts as I see them in local stores.

So two questions for you lovely readers:

  1. Do you allow Christmas to infiltrate your house year-round?
  2. How do you budget for Christmas, I’d love to know


Have a blessed day my budgeting buddies! x


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