Why Moana’s Mum is Awesome

Ok, major plot points will be revealed here so if you’ve somehow not seen the film then go watch it and come back when you realize it’s better than Frozen… if you’re still here Disney fans, we’ll begin:

Everyone is talking about how Moana is such a good role model and how the House of Mouse has stepped away from the whole ‘impossibly skinny damsel in distress’ thing….and they’re right it’s great! But as a Mum, Sina (Moana’s mother) gives the film a whole other level of brilliant role model!


Firstly, she’s a Disney Mum who isn’t dead or the antagonist for a teenager….so this automatically puts her in the other category of ‘loving, kind and hardly speaks’ (like in Sleeping Beauty or The Princess and the Frog). So yes, she is kind and loving as expected.

Secondly, she’s dutiful (and seems happy to be so). She does everything from food prep to entertainment, and from caring for the sick to ceremonial duties. So the woman can pull off the multi-tasking needed to be an exceptional wife, mum and leader.

Thirdly, she’s like the only sane and useful human help her daughter gets: Not only is she the one who explains why Moana’s dad is so over-protective but she also helps her pack and even learns to sail for the sake of her people!

Above all this she’s completely supportive of her family; even when her daughter has to do something that could endanger her, even when her husband is being a hothead and even when her mother-in-law is acting crazy, Sina calmly and quietly does everything she can to help and just be there for them. (It’s absolutely my new ambition in life to be Gramma Tala when I’m old: “I’m the village crazy lady, it’s my job!” LOL)


Some of you may think I’m acting like a crazy kid who’s over-excited by a movie (fair enough, I do love a good Disney film) but I wanted to show that children and grown-ups can take inspiration from fiction and look for role models in unexpected places.


Have a great day  x


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