How to Survive Life

WordPress suggested us bloggers should write about survival, so this is my take on it……

  1. You must be willing to learn and change….this willingness will make all the next steps easier….
  2. Learn to trust God; Talk to Him (Prayer), Read about Him (Bible) and Worship (Sing and dance and thank Him) …takes practice, still working on it myself, but I know He’s bigger than whatever I’m facing 🙂
  3. Learn how to manage money: Properly, not the way credit companies want you to…budgets may seem boring, but they can be life-changing and freeing.
  4. Learn to cook; seriously it’s not that hard. No-one expects you to be Gordon Ramsey or Lorraine Pascale, (both of whom I love) but just a few basics for you to have at college, or feed your family or throw a dinner party…. so much better for you and cheaper than processed garbage that tastes like the plastic trays it comes in.
  5. Learn to be happy; This one may be a little controversial, but things like laughing off mistakes and accidents (like tripping over the dog with dinner in your hand!) or being thankful for what you have instead of always wanting more stuff will really help. If you’re happy, it has been proven that this has a positive impact on your family and work colleagues, so you’ll be making them happy too!

That covers most bases I think: Live the best you can, have fun and bless others with happiness and you’ll do more than just survive!

Have a great day x


via Daily Prompt: Survive


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