I’ve Been Thinking….

“LeFou I’m afraid I’ve been thinking, a dangerous past time, I know…..” (I don’t know if I should be quoting bad guys, but there’s often a song lyric response to topics, or at least there is in our family….is that normal? I hope not!)

Anyway, I was looking for inspiration for today’s blog and found an excellent post over on my new friend Cobs’ siteΒ …the randomness inspired me to share my thoughts and experiences over this last weekend, so here goes:

Last Friday, as well as being last day of school/work for a week, (woohoo!) we also paid off the last debt on our credit files!! Still hasn’t sunk in yet: After 6 1/2 years of not having any new credit we’ve finally paid off these old mistakes! Thank you God! Such a good feeling, if I could bottle this feeling I’d give it to everyone so you’d be inspired to ditch the credit and have this feeling.

So with that new-found freedom, my hubby and I have invested our extra time and money in some new online ventures (your reading mine, his is more complex). So that’s exciting πŸ™‚ and we’ve just started to get ideas together for a joint e-book about getting out of debt, so that’ll be fun to do.


Bank Holiday weekend: No-one in Britain will be surprised to learn it involved rain and movies on TV! I bought finding Dory ❀ (soooo cute!) and my daughter found Night at the Museum 3 on Netflix. This was as good, if not better than, the other 2 …. and my opinion of the film has nothing to do with the fact that Dan Stevens and Hugh Jackman are on-screen at the same time! (Ahem…..seriously drooling here!) But aside from the aforementioned gorgeousness, some awesome casting in this: Sir Ben Kingsley as Pharaoh, very cool. But the thing that made me sob like a baby was the late, great Robin Williams. He effectively says goodbye/it’s time to go in the film and we lost him soon after filming. I don’t know how his dear family got through that one: my heart goes out to them.

The only thing that made me smile after that was the dancing dinosaurs! So funny and cute…we totally want a pet triceratops! (Did I mention my daughter and I are not really girly girls? Dinosaurs and car programmes fine by us! In fact, our usual girl time involves Jurassic World and popcorn!)


Church was awesome, there’s a lot of change and growth and new community stuff happening…change seems to be a theme in our lives at the moment. I’m cool with that, rolling with whatever God has for us next.


Last but in no way least, I officially launched my blog! (with some serious help from my Facebook pageΒ ) Thank you all so much!! The response has been amazing, I literally thought I’d have about 5 friends and family members like it, but people are commenting from completely different countries! (I know that’s the idea with blogging, but still a shock the first few times!) So thanks again for the love you’ve shown.

If you have any ideas, tips or topics you want me to tackle; I’m totally game and would appreciate any contribution as this is all very new.

Thanks peeps, have a good one x


4 thoughts on “I’ve Been Thinking….

  1. Mr.B just surfaced (he’s on holiday this week too) and asked what today’s post was about: I literally told him the title and he burst out laughing and said something about letting people into my mind might make them unfollow me! LOL! I love him and he’s usually right…so if you’re still here thanks for not running away screaming “she’s a mad woman!” πŸ˜‰ x


  2. Hello Anna.
    Firstly … you’re not a mad woman.
    Next .. What a brilliant post! You chat, you share, you engage us and keep us reading.

    Don’t fret over people not commenting. It can take new readers a few posts before they pluck up the courage to comment. I’m not certain why that is … maybe it’s because they fear being the only person making a comment. I have no idea. But … I don’t mind commenting in the least.

    The biggest tip I can give you about blogging is to just be yourself. If you’re yourself then people will come, read and will come again … and again. You just have to keep being yourself. Eventually people will get a feel for ‘you’ as you are, and will then be happy to click to follow and comment too.

    I don’t ‘do’ Facebook. None of my family follow me (it’s apparently not a ‘cool’ thing to follow your mum!) lol… I have a twitter account which I set up a few weeks ago … but have no real idea about how to use it, and don’t know anyone else who’s on there, so I’m just a lonely little cloud floating about in a big sky there. πŸ˜€

    BUT … even with no family following, no friends following …. I’ve managed to somehow get some followers, simply because they came, one by one and read, and eventually they followed. And … I’m so happy they did.

    Finally …. Thank you SO much for the shout out to my blog! Bless your beautiful heart. I shall return the favour … but I won’t tell you when or how …. I just have an idea that is forming in my mind and … well, wait and see! lol.

    Sending oodles of squidges and love too ~ Cobs. x

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      1. LOL… ‘mad woman’ …. uhmmm…. no. You seem perfectly normal to me.

        Unless … ermm … could it be that I’m mad too?
        Nooooo that can’t be so. Surely I’d know if I was a mad woman?

        Yes Cobs, you’d know.

        I knew it! See? I’m not mad! I just told myself so.

        ~ Cobs. x

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