Stay Safe This Summer

Obviously, this is about more than sun-cream and emergency phone numbers, but those are good too! A few Facebook posts recently have me concerned, so I thought I’d share this to try to reduce the risks. I hope it helps.

  1. Travelling with kids? Please reinforce the rules. They may know all the rules about strangers at home, but you’re essentially taking them to a whole place full of strangers. Remind them of who they can trust and where to meet if they get separated from you. If they are too young to have their own mobile and a set time and place to meet, then it’s a good idea for them to be carrying your details. (Like toddler wristbands with your mobile number on.) Teach them when you get there what uniform holiday reps and police have so they know who to talk to.
  2. Use appropriate safety measures in the pool. Armbands and supervision are straightforward enough, but you don’t want to forget about tying up long hair either!   (Story found on Facebook of a girl getting trapped under water by her hair.)
  3. Choose wisely who you tell!   I can’t stress this one enough. Most of us have told a neighbour or relative if we’re away, (maybe even given them a spare key and contact details 🙂 ) which is great. These same responsible people then go and post their holiday countdown on Facebook!! Please don’t do this!! You are telling every weirdo where you and your family will be and every burglar that your house will be empty! There was a case recently where an insurance company wouldn’t pay out because the family put it all over Facebook that they were away…. Also, if you know someone is going away, send them a private message saying “have a nice time” instead of on their wall for the whole world to see. (And teach your kids the same!)
  4. Keep some money safe:  Split money up between you and have some hidden in different bags etc. That way if it’s lost or stolen, you still have some.


I’m sorry if it sounds like ranting, but I want you lovely people to all be safe and enjoy your summer!

Have a lovely, sunny day! x




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