Shopping Locally

Just had to share how fabulous our tiny local D.I.Y. store is!

I’ve been all over our town trying to get carpet shampoo, the supermarket and another store only had spray on stuff for spot cleaning, but our amazing little corner D.I.Y. store had just what I wanted and it was only a couple of quid! (They also had WD40 really cheap, which I’ve been meaning to buy for like a month to sort back door out…bonus!)

So, 3 reasons to shop in awesome little local stores:

  1. They have choice and proper stock and maybe even brands not usually stocked elsewhere (not just talking carpet washing now, there’s also a pasty shop that do a bazillion fillings and types of crisps you’ve forgotten existed…I love living here!)
  2. Friendly staff who know what they’re talking about….and don’t mind if you step out of the queue to answer the phone! (Gotta love having teenagers!)
  3. You’re supporting the local economy. End of.


Just thought I’d share, enjoy your weekend peeps! x


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