Choosing to Laugh

Another quick thought for you all:

I was sewing a tear in some uniform earlier ready for tomorrow, I went to put my sewing tub back it the cupboard…and I dropped it! Dozens and dozens of buttons, cotton reels and needles cascaded over the kitchen floor. (I’m quite surprised how much stuff you can get in an old Celebrations tub!)

My first thought was “oh heck,” followed by panic over dog, cat or child stepping on needles/swallowing buttons. Then my hubby came to the rescue to help pick it all up, he just laughed and said we’d be finding buttons for weeks!

I don’t do stress or change well and it takes me a minute to deal with situations, I’m so grateful Mr.B reminded me to laugh it off…and I had another laugh later when I did indeed find 2 buttons as I went to the fridge!

Anyhow, it got me thinking about how I react to stuff and we should all just laugh and shrug off these little trials.

Enjoy your evening xx


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