Food Budget 101

OK folks, a double-whammy this lovely, wet summer’s day: Food and Finance.

Before you roll your eyes and run away, remember I’m here to make this easier, not a chore! So here’s my top tips for grocery budgeting.

  1. Set a time and price: Whether you do your shop daily, weekly or monthly is entirely down to what suits your family. Make reasonable room in your budget for food, (don’t starve to pay a credit card, I know how that ends~ trust me, you don’t wanna go there!) and work out how many lots you need before next payday (so if you need 50 a week you need 200 a month).
  2. Take stock: Know what you like and how much you use in a week or month, also if you know what’s in your cupboard you won’t buy duplicates you don’t need.
  3. Plan your meals: This takes a bit of time to start with, but if you know your family favourites you can easily reel off what you need for each. (BONUS: If you have 2 recipes needing chicken, for example, a large pack will be cheaper than 2 small ones!) Find my Recipes here.
  4. Make a list: This is easy if you know your stock and plan your meals, you can also check prices online at My Supermarket to get best deals and stick to your budget.
  5. Shop conveniently: Don’t shop when you’re hungry or kids are tired and ratty….recently I used home delivery, as the car was in for repairs, and I’m hooked. It stops me picking up deals I don’t need, I can watch my total as I shop, my favourite items are already saved on my list and it comes to me when I want!
  6. Try something new: New things can save you money! If you don’t already use them, try some supermarket own-brand stuff or swap your choice of meat for something cheaper…your family won’t like everything, so start small so you don’t hurt your budget, but long term you will save a lot!
  7. Involve the family: Last, but not least, let them help. I’m sure everyone will have suggestions when you write your meal plan for the week and younger children will love to help pick up stuff at the store. If you’re enthusiastic about cooking and trying new things, they will be too (and therefore more likely to eat it).


Well that’s about it, sorry if it’s a bit long (seriously, I could do a whole other post on point 6, you’ve had a lucky escape!), but wanted to share so thanks for reading, I hope it helps x


2 thoughts on “Food Budget 101

  1. Now the planning is where I go wrong as I don’t do it….really going to try to follow your advice Anna…never to old to learn…


    1. I’m not overly organized myself, please don’t think that…rather than rigidly planning Monday is x, Tuesday is y, I’m more like ‘here are 7 meals and I can swap them round if one of us is out/has friends over’ much more relaxed but still budgeted for 😊


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