Animals Are Funny!

Thought I’d share with you all the things that make me laugh the most: My fur-babies. (BTW the picture above is not mine, found on Facebook…..although I wouldn’t put it past him!)

The inspiration for today’s blog comes from Bailey (our 3-year-old black German Shepherd) as she’s just spent the last hour chasing the gas/boiler inspector bloke around watching everything he does (much like a child the same age would).

She often amuses me, especially when she sleeps like she’s broken:


Or sits in human chairs…..



Then we have my Smudge. She’s my baby (same age as my daughter) and she can be cute and cuddly (mostly with me) or angry and anti-social (with almost everyone else, especially other animals and small children)! I love that she’s somewhere between stroppy teenager and nosy old woman: She has a habit of wondering into cars or businesses or other houses, most of our neighbours know who she is!


(Smudge sleeping in her fave place so I can’t put my clean cups back…and not speaking to the world! LOL I love her!)


Then there’s Jack: He’s a beautiful black tom cat who is a similar shape to Garfield! He’s very affectionate, (even Smudge quite likes him!) but is not the shiniest pebble on the beach…..

Exhibit A:


Too wet to go out yesterday, but sitting in lounge or kitchen would be too easy! 😀


Exhibit B….and C…

(Yes he is asleep hanging over the edge, and yes, in both pictures, he does have a metal handle underneath him!)


I love them dearly, and their company when I’m home alone, but especially when they make me smile….I hope they brighten your day! 🙂 x


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