10 Cheap or Free Ways to Entertain the Kiddos!

I’ve had a very hectic day, so apologies for the late post: Part of my day was having lovely friends over for lunch, with their 2 smallest munchkins ❤ So it got me thinking…..

Free Entertainment for Kids:

  1. Look for animals: Whether walking or in a car, look for wildlife, farm animals or even city-dwellers like foxes and pigeons, kids love animals of all shapes and sizes.
  2. Collect stuff: My mum takes the credit for this one as she did it with us when we were little….collect different coloured leaves in Autumn, shells and smooth glass from the beach or twigs/driftwood (bonus: use them for creating artwork later).
  3. Helping You: Occupy younger children with ‘grown up’ things like picking up something at the store, helping you bake or even cleaning up (toy dustpan and brush: the best idea ever!) Older kids can learn more in-depth cooking (and running errands) and work towards doing it alone to build skills they need for the future.
  4. Join the Library: As well as teaching them it’s good to read, you can get activity and project books and even rent films (small extra charge for that) and they often run crafts and things in the holidays.
  5. Free Stuff: Try a month of Amazon or Netflix (or any other subscription) for free, or go looking for free samples in stores or even write reviews, then your family will get offered things to review or gifts as thanks from companies.


Cheap, but not quite free:

  1. Swim: often free for preschoolers, and only about £5 for adults, it’s a good life skill, healthy and will help them in the future.
  2. Raid the charity shop: The act of shopping will fill time and teach them about money. You can often get DVDs and games for £1 which will then be used at home, so it’s like getting 2 activities for the price of one!
  3. Art Supplies: Cheap art supplies (not professional stuff) can be bought in charity shops, pound stores, online and in supermarkets….a stack of coloured paper or card, PVA glue, WASHABLE colours and some bits and bobs to stick on, will provide hours of entertainment…and may even provide a homemade present for a loved one!
  4. Hire Stuff: For a one-off trip, you don’t want to buy a new tent/bike/fishing rod/canoe etc. Borrow from friends or hire it, this gives you a new experience without the big outlay.
  5. Day trips: Think carefully, these don’t have to be expensive! The beach or park with a picnic is a great option, but if you are heading to a theme park or similar, check local papers and online for discounts, family tickets or freebies.

Example: Kellogg’s are offering adult goes free to Tussaud’s/Merlin group attractions with full paying child. So either you can do this twice with 2 adults and 2 children or get 2nd adult ticket online in advance and get the child to send in for a Blue Peter badge (send a picture, letter, achievement and about 1-2 months later get badge)…this little gem, and it’s accompanying ID card (so they can’t be used by other people) will get a child in free to hundreds of attractions free until they’re about 14 or 15!!


Have fun out there! x


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