Holiday Budget

Good Morning my lovely friends, it’s FRIDAY! 🙂

Firstly, can I just tell you all (again) how much I love Cobs’ blog! Today’s post is so funny and contains loads of ‘on this day’ facts, I’ll be smiling all day! 🙂

So the holidays are looming with kids home for weeks and a possible trip or two in the offing, so I thought some budget tips would be useful…..

If you’re travelling:

  • Take your own food: Always cheaper and better for you….and can keep kids quiet while travelling 😉
  • Plan your travel: If you know it’s a long drive then plan toilet stops in places you know…it’ll keep you sane knowing how long you’ve got until you can stretch your legs again, but it will also save you from stopping unexpectedly at a place that charges to use the loo or you have to buy something to use facilities.
  • Spend time (and if you have to, cash) preparing: Whether it’s topping up car fluids (so car doesn’t die mid-trip and cost the Earth) or whether it’s booking cheaper airport parking by getting in early (or you can park further away and use free shuttle bus to save cash too 😉 )all these little jobs can be taken care of in advance. Buy bits you need (like sun cream and plugs) in advance (spread the cost). All of this will reduce your outgoings and your stress levels.
  • Take stuff to keep kids occupied: Same principle as the food; if there isn’t anything to occupy them, you’ll end up buying comics and junk at roadside services or airports.


Where you’re staying (or at home):

  • Get money off where you can: when booking trips ad holidays do some price-comparing, google for vouchers and coupons. For more see 10 Cheap or Free Ways to Entertain the Kiddos!
  •  Control the food budget: Generally taking a picnic and buying supermarket lollies or making your own is cheaper. If you are able to, try to allow some dosh for an ice-cream or a meal out, if you plan for it then it won’t hurt your budget.
  • Free vs paid activities: We know holidays are coming and try to plan one thing that costs per week, all others are free trips to the beach, park, seeing friends and relatives etc. (See above and Summer Plans for more ideas.)
  • Tell the kids the plan!!! Can’t stress this one enough, grumpy kids often don’t understand why they have to do or not do something. I do not want you moaning at kids or telling them all the time you can’t afford it (sometimes it’s good but all the time creates lack mentality and unhealthy relationships with money)….instead try the ‘diversion’ and delayed ‘gratification tactics’:

Diversion: We won’t *insert whatever expensive thing kid wants to do here* now, we’ll do this first and that another day (or offer cheaper alternative, like homemade lollies).

Delayed Gratification: We stay in/do jobs/do *whatever* today and then on Tuesday we go for ice cream/trip to the zoo etc. (The paid thing…if you’ve planned and budgeted)

Basically buy yourselves time, keep them occupied with cheap or free stuff and allow for real life to happen….Enjoy! x


5 thoughts on “Holiday Budget

  1. Ohhh, thank you for the mention, my fabulous blogging friend.
    Love you to pieces for it.

    This post is brilliant Anna. Not only does it remind me of trips we used to take with our girls when they were little, it also both reminds me of some of the budget busting tips I figured out as a young mum, AND … gives me some very useful new ones that I can use as my newer role as a Grammy, when we take Little Cobs on jaunts. So BIG THANKS for that … and, for just being you and doing what you do so well.

    Have a blessed day my friend, and a truly wonderful weekend. ~ Cobs. x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Pleasure’s all mine cobs, love your blog and happy to give you ideas, feel free to add your own if you have some….and Grammy Cobs n little Cobbs are just the cutest names ever!! I actually ‘aaww’-ed out loud in swimming pool changing cubicle (as that’s where phone notified me) 😉 😀 have a lovely weekend xxx

      Liked by 1 person

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