Stand Up For Yourself & Others

A few things recently have either bothered or inspired me regarding people’s convictions and self-worth, so I thought I’d share.


Firstly, if you have faith stand up for it. There are more worriers than warriors among our kids today. I don’t know whether it’s a desire to fit in to peer groups, skewed teaching about polite society and political correctness or something else, but we live in a free country and our children should be able to express themselves without fear.

They need knowledge and support to know how to deal with their convictions and protests against them. (Clue: Violence isn’t the answer!)  The most proud I’ve been of any child I’ve taught in the last 10 years was not for their grades, but for remembering I told them it was OK to be different, to like different music, to not follow some stupid craze.

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Secondly, self-worth people! It’s absolutely diminishing in this world because there is 24/7 media telling us who to be like, what to look like, what it is to be rich, what popular is…. and if we get bogged down in that rubbish our kids will too. You may not be able to control what is said, but you have control over how you react.

You are uniquely gifted for a purpose, no one else can be you; so quit the comparisons and block out the negative.


Thirdly, Community: If you commit to a community (your town, church, sports group, whatever) and be yourself, I guarantee you will find some genuine people, that you have something in common with, who love you and will help you.


Commit to love, not  negativity.

God bless,

Anna x


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4 thoughts on “Stand Up For Yourself & Others

  1. Sometimes it is hard being ourselves when we know certain people won’t accept it.. but I am learning that this is a sign that these people aren’t the ones to have around you. Great writing here, Anna!


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