Starting Again

Happy Monday random peeps!

This topic fits into all areas of my life and, therefore my blog, so I hope you can stick with my randomness 🙂

I’ve a renewed hope this morning for the second half of 2017. Things I want to accomplish and continue doing and stop doing ….the list goes on but here’s just a few:

Random topic 1: Faith… I want to draw closer to God and do whatever He has planned for me (us, if it’s for whole family). So I’m trying to read the Word more and pray more and worship more. I bought this recently, which really encouraged me:



Random topic number 2: Health. My weight loss has slowed down (June a great month, but not diet-friendly!) so I’m back on my Daniel Plan/Low GI today geared up for summer salads and lots of swimming and walking!

Health generally needs improving…feel like our immunity has taken a hit this year, so trying to get some vitamin C and other natural boosts to sort it.


Random topic 3: Money. We’ve made good in-roads this year, no debt payments any more (!) and saved money on some things to up the spends on others. However, this is the beginning, we want to continue to build savings and bless others, so we need to work harder on income-making plans. All exciting, but time dependent. Which leads me to….


Topic 4: Time Management. This is the hardest as our routine has recently changed, so getting into the swing of things has been interesting, but I think we’re there now. I’m not a cleaning queen, I’ll do what I have to. Nor am I a fan of routine, so I struggle with things that have to be done every day (or multiple times a day) and I’m trying to overcome that. Well we both are, because some things need arranging around each other’s commitments, so we’re both learning! (Sorry Mr.B and thanks for vacuuming while I was out! x)


Random topic 5: Online/Computer-Based Projects: I have e-books and an online course I’m doing which need more of my time. (I guess if I manage 3 & 4 I can give them more time!) I will get organised! But the thing that takes the most time is the thing I want to spend even more time doing….talking to you lovely people via this blog! I’m loving it and hope it will grow and mature into something better, so I guess I need to keep moving!


Thanks for reading, not just this post but anything of mine you’ve read.  Have you got plans for the rest of the year or a question to ask me? I’d love to hear from you!

Have a great week!

Anna x


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