Why buying used isn’t gross

*** had to share this by Jenny at This Tiny Blue House, because it is awesome! 😊 not my work, but I 100% agree!***

Raise your hand if you’re a little put off by buying, wearing or touching used stuff? I double pinky swear that I wont judge you for having the ewww factor about used stuff! My goal here isn’t to chastise you for your opinions! If you’re raising your hand way up high I can assure you that you are not alone. Often times, when I tell people that we buy virtually 100% of our stuff used I’m faced with some of the most interesting responses. There are those who question us – I’ve gotten asked more than once if we’ve ever “caught something from buying used”. In other situations I’ve been met with really strong and sometimes harsh opinions about how buying used is gross and that I’m actually neglecting my kiddos needs by doing it. Buying used gets such a bad rap doesn’t it folks? There seems to be this…

Source: Why buying used isn’t gross



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