Life Hacks

Morning Friday-Peeps! 🙂

I watched a video on YouTube t’other day on life hacks, (tips to make life easier) some are obvious, some are daft and some are brilliant! I always think “why didn’t I realize that?” Then I was putting my phone on charge last night and I suddenly saw my own life hacks staring back at me…so I thought I’d share:

  1. Mobile Phone Charging: Straight outta the gate, 3 life hacks in one:  A) My revelation last night came from my phone charger…it’s old and well used, so the lead and charging inlet on phone don’t always make a good connection… I put phone on bedside table and angled it and the wire so they connected then stuck Blue-Tack under the join to hold in place: Fully Charged  🙂  B) You will lose your charger at some point. Our phones (like most non-Apple ones) charge by micro USB connection so I ‘borrow’ other wires from around the house…the Sat-Nav and the digital camera both have ones that fit my phone 🙂  C) Don’t let it die before charging: It takes more power, if it’s really dead it may not even be able to tell you it is charging and it shortens the life of battery if you over-charge! (Amazing what you find out on the web!)
  2. Freeze stuff: A lot more food can be frozen than you think; milk, cheese, bread, even eggs! My freezer always has milk, bread and some part-prepared meal in it, (like my pizza base or pastry) just in case we have guests or a late dinner. (As a side note, keeping freezer packs for cool boxes in the bottom of each drawer reduces frost build up and helps it run more efficiently!)
  3. Don’t use dishes unnecessarily: Washing up after cooking sucks (I thank God often for my dishwasher that came with this place)! Making gravy for a cottage pie is just a waste of a jug… put mince in the ovenproof dish, sprinkle gravy granules over, add hot water and whisk with a fork= no dirty jug. If boiling potatoes before roasting, when you put spuds in to roast, rinse out the pan and use again for frozen veggies, less dishes and less space on hob required!
  4. Reuse Bags: Obviously, there’s good reason to reuse carrier bags now, as they cost 5p a bag! The thicker ones I will obviously reuse for shopping (and swim/sports kit…don’t worry, not in same bag as food! 😉 ) The cheap or free thin ones I use to keep stuff dry, (if I’m delivering cards/prezzies in the rain, for example) I use them to put dirty washing in on holiday and I even use them instead of dog poop bags.  Gift bags….please reuse them, they’re beautiful and often expensive, I keep ours in a bag in the wardrobe to keep them clean and flat (creased ones look old) saves me a fortune!


Anyway, I’ve rambled on enough for today….I hope you all have a fab Friday/Weekend/End of the Month!

Laters Peeps xx


2 thoughts on “Life Hacks

    1. If you shake it first it does otherwise top is a bit watery. Takes overnight to defrost in fridge but a few hours in sink/on draining board….obviously don’t freeze in glass bottles, but other than that it is fine 😊


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