How To Pocket Extra Cash

Sometimes we need extra cash. Whether it’s to save up for a holiday or event, or for something more serious like getting out of debt or replacing a dying vehicle. So here are a few ways to make and save money….

Saving Money:

  1. Deal with your vehicle(s): They cost so much to run so here’s 3 ways to save with vehicles;

a) If you can cope with one, don’t have 2…really think about it. Unless you live in a rural area or your job requires travel (other than just to and from work) then you can probably go without a second car.

b) However many you have get the cheapest (reliable) one you can. If you are in your car alone a lot, get a small one so you pay less tax and insurance.

c) Maintenance: prevention is better than cure. Look after it and it’ll last longer, not rocket science, but it works.

2. Remove unnecessary expenses: Sky TV, memberships or subscriptions you don’t use and non-essential shopping (let’s be honest, I’m looking at you Amazon and Ebay!) Be ruthless.

No Sky doesn’t mean no TV (although that wouldn’t kill ya) try Netflix, Prime or YouTube (on a Smart TV) works out a lot cheaper. Any subscriptions can probably be done for less…..

Food deliveries with recipes, for example…go online to All Recipes or Pintrest or any number of blogs to get a free recipe and get ingredients locally. Gym? Try walking, for free.

      3. Make your own: With a few exceptions (like puff pastry) it’s cheaper to make food from scratch. Make gifts too, like jam or decorated picture frames and your own cards. You’ll save a fortune over a year!


If you’ve really stripped your lives of the unnecessary and still need more wiggle room in your budget, then try these money-making ideas:

  1. Sell stuff: Anything. Old clothes; toys; home decor; even broken plates (Seriously, mosaic artists love them) There are so many ways now that it’s so easy to sell: Ebay, Amazon, Gumtree, local Buy & Sell Facebook pages. boot sales and more.
  2. Or create something to sell on Etsy or an ebook for Amazon, the possibilities are endless.
  3. Teach something: Music to literacy, Art to mechanics…the world is crying out for tutors and you can make money online selling resources too. Anything you’re good at, someone else will want to learn it (and you don’t need a teaching qualification to tutor).


So there are just a few ideas to get the old ‘grey matter’ working, if you try any or have other suggestions, leave a comment below…I’d love to here from you!

Happy budgeting peeps! xx



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