Reflective Weekend

It seems everyone is talking about goals this weekend, What’s for Dinner Moms wrote an awesome post yesterday about checking up on New Year’s Resolutions…which Mr.B in his Life Coach/CBT hat, tells me is the right thing to do.

We were reflecting on a time, not so many years ago, when we were so in debt and without any significant income, that we had to choose between food and electric. It seems a distant memory now we’re debt-free, but it’s a good reminder to be thankful for the things we have.

My major goal this year is to get my weight down to what the NHS says is acceptable. This has been going the right way but a little too slowly, until recently when I upped my physical activity. So we sat and reviewed it: Now I’ve got some goals and events as targets, and I’m loving my pool membership, so that has renewed my enthusiasm for the weight loss journey. We also had a good couple of miles walk along the Coastal Path yesterday, been far too long since we did that, but it was lovely and good exercise!

Trying to keep the PMA going; it’s not too late for this year, we’re only just past the half-way mark…. this also means we’re past half way to Christmas and if I’m honest, the thought of a smaller sized Christmas outfit motivates me quite a lot! (Just think of all the cheesy Christmas Jumpers and tees I can try! 😀 )

So my question for you this Sunday in July is: What are you motivated to do with the rest of 2017?

Have a great day peeps! x


2 thoughts on “Reflective Weekend

  1. What am I motivated to do with the rest of 2017?

    Well, each day, at almost every moment of the day, I’m given two choices.
    Eg.: Get up/another five minutes in bed? Have a shower/have a coffee? Toast/cereals. You get the idea.
    But among all the choices I face during the day is one which continually pops up: Be Happy/or be some other mood?
    And it’s these choices, particularly the last one, which can be the difficult ones to deal with.

    I mean to say … chocolate or a glass of cold water …. now THAT’S a choice that can make me crazy, for I don’t have to tell you that I WANT the chocolate… but I know I should have the water – for I am trying to drink more water each day. But … CHOCOLATE??? Who in their right mind gives me THAT choice???

    But … I’m joshing here. However … when you have two choices all day every day, some choices can be really difficult to navigate – as you probably know.

    So my aim for the rest of 2017 is to continually make the choices I’m given all day, and once I’ve made those choices I have to remind myself to be happy about the choice I made because … well, I was given free choice – so there’s only one person to blame if I’m not happy with my choice.

    I know it sounds a bit simplistic – but that’s because it is. I brought both our girls us with that ‘two choices’ thing, in the hope that they would also learn that they made the choice so the have to be happy with the choice they made. For in doing this life could be happier and there would be none of this ‘woe is me. Look how awful my life is’ situation which lots of folks go through.

    So my aim is to consider carefully my choices, and then make the right choice. I might sometimes wish that there was a third choice … but to make life simple, two choices is pretty much all a person needs. Make the choice. Free will. Then the challenge can sometimes be to be happy that you’ve chosen that ‘choice’. You just have to remind yourself …. MY CHOICE!

    GREAT post Anna. Loved it. ~ Cobs. x


    1. A beautiful and thought-provoking response cobs, thank you. Just been singing “my chains are gone, I’ve bee set free” at church…reminds me to choose happy and be thankful 😊 God bless you and your choice my lovely chum xx

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