A Random Update…

Morning Peeps!

I thought I’d share a few random thoughts with you this morning, feel free to share yours too! 🙂

Faith-wise, I’ve been trying to read through the book of Acts, the coming of the Holy Spirit and all the miracles and early works of the first believers…I’m really enjoying it (as you can probably tell by the Holy Spirit post the other day!)

I say ‘trying to read through’ not because it’s uninteresting or anything, but because I read in the evenings and the last few have been a bit hectic: I’m helping Mr.B with a project he’s working on and trying to get extra exercise in, so I quite often end up reading at midnight (or after).

Last night’s lateness included extra long dog-walk at dusk, our local part of the South West Coastal Path is lovely, but last night we were the only ones up there…went in main gate and came back via steps down to the beach. Bailey and I had a beautiful (if slightly breezy) walk taking in stunning views and seeing dozens of birds and bunnies getting ready for the night. On top of the world is an amazing place to stop and reflect!

Proud of teenager (as always) she made roux sauce at school yesterday and it’s impressive for your first one not to be all lumpy or taste too floury or mild…well done Bubba! Also she did really well in end of year languages assessment (those things are scary….one to one conversation with teacher, in a different language, who wouldn’t be a bit nervous?!)

My blogging friend Cobs has been doing amazing paintings as part of a month-long challenge. I highly recommend you check them out, my favourite is still the robin ❤ Thanks for brightening my day Cobs x

Weight loss is going quite well, but always seems so slow…weigh in day is Thursday,  (Ha! Like I haven’t been checking every day….) so we’ll see then how this week has gone (and we’ll ignore the fun-size Mars bar I had yesterday! 😉 )

Also, I keep finding gorgeous and healthy recipes to try, so that helps! I’m mainly following The Daniel Plan which is basically eating how God intended (no processed junk…again ignoring the Mars bar). I love the low-GI foods like sweet potato fries and avocado in a lot of recipes 🙂 Even if you don’t need to lose weight, there are gorgeous recipes for maintenance, go have a look for yourself.

I think that’s about it for this grey Tuesday, have a good day lovelies!

Anna x


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