A little thought to share with you all (and no, it’s not because the word ‘peace’ is in the name of my blog).

The sermon at our church this morning was about the next steps in our spiritual journey and one aspect of this is peace.

The speaker defined 2 types of peace: Peace in God and Peace with God.

Peace in God is the peace we have in His presence and in His will. This is the peace that assures us we’re on the right path and helps us to remember Him in our busyness.

Peace with God is more about the peace you receive when you’re born again as a believer in Christ, the peace of knowing you’re forgiven, your past is gone and He loves you.

I was just blown away, it seems so obvious now and I already knew it in my heart, but the way Peter preached it this morning made me stop and think about the beauty of the gift of peace, so I thought I’d share it with you too.

God Bless

Anna x


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