The Beauty of Homemade

Morning peeps!

It’s 23 weeks to Christmas!! Yay!

Having seen some craft ideas I shared in my Facebook memories, I thought I’d share some homemade gift ideas because they’re fun, frugal and show a lot of loving care.

Easy level 1: Sweetie Jars

Soak jam or sauce jars (or buy some) and fill with sweets then decorate appropriately for the occasion… pink and blue ribbons for baby showers, stick on eyes and a red nose for a Christmas reindeer, (and brown pipe-cleaners for antlers if you’re feeling artistic) or just a Thank You/Happy Birthday label. Easy and under £2 each.


Level 2: Jam


Basically fruit, sugar and pectin. How expensive (and how hard) it is depends on what fruit you use: strawberries require pulping and sieving out the seeds, but apples you peel and chop and stick straight in the pan. There are hundreds of jam recipes online, go and explore… I have 3 tips: 1. keep stirring in the edges so you don’t waste stuff that gets stuck to the sides. 2) If you don’t have a sugar thermometer, put a saucer in fridge until cold then drop a bit of jam on it, if it solidifies and forms a skin (wrinkles when you push it) then it’s ready. 3. There are jam recipes for making in bread-makers and using food processors/juice makers! Super easy.

When cool; label and either cover lid or tie with ribbon. About £5 a batch depending on fruit used (makes 3 medium or 5 small jars).


Level 3: Basic Sewn gifts

The imagination is your only limit. I don’t get on with sewing machines but I will happily hand-sew stockings, little stuffed toys/ornaments and cross-stitch pictures.

If you don’t feel confident to draw templates and such from scratch, you can get free templates online or buy a kit: My daughter had a sock-monkey kit which we did together, but now I have the templates so can just get more socks and stuffing for a fraction of the kit price.

Cross-stitch kits for a new baby gift is a great idea as you can personalise the name, weight, etc.  The ideas are endless, but the cost needn’t be: Up to £10 if using a kit but a lot less using free online templates.


The Ideas are endless, the budget happy and the recipient knows you put time and love into it, win-win I’d say!


Have a great day xxx

One thought on “The Beauty of Homemade

  1. Great ideas! Homemade gifts are really special to receive ~ It doesn’t matter how much it costs to make them because it’s beautiful knowing the time and thought that went into them 🙂

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