Staying Positive is a Choice

Morning peeps,

Sorry I’m a bit late uploading today but it’s taken me this long to feel human! I have acquired teenager’s head cold and had the most insane headache earlier, but my lovely hubby walked to town to get stronger pain killers. God love him!

As a side note, until I got the stronger tablets I used Deep Heat muscle rub on forehead and neck….dude who invented it needs a knighthood!

I was initially disappointed as it means no swimming today (or any other exercise for that matter) and never nice seeing your baby poorly (even if they are nearly the same height as you!), but I’m forcing myself to look at the positives:

  • It’s temporary. not life-limiting
  • My baby will get better and at least it’s now, not activity days or holidays.
  • My hubby is caring and supportive (and home in the mornings!)
  • God still loves me even when I look rough and feel pathetic
  • We have easy access to medicines in this country
  • My routine is flexible, not in a job like I used to have; dealing with complaints and people who won’t wait if you’re off at all
  • I have people praying for me
  • I have you lovely people to share with (my thoughts, not the bug)


So I wanted to make the effort to still blog today and encourage you all to look for positives.

Have a good day

Anna x

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