On A Health-Kick

Afternoon Peeps!

As many of you will know, I’m trying to lose weight by upping the exercise and eating the Daniel Plan way (low-GI, no processed garb.) so it’s weigh in and swimming day, thought I’d share:

I weighed and had a small fit as it said what it did 2 weeks ago….then I’d remembered I’d eaten breakfast already! So will weigh tomorrow.

Not done any swimming for a week as had plans and felt rough, so aquafit felt really good today! However, I didn’t meet my target of 30 lengths afterwards; managed 10 and felt a bit heady again so got out. Not gonna beat myself up though because I’ve had a head cold and manic week so I’ll try again next week!

Hubby is learning about 5-food-group meals so we can get all nutrients in each meal instead of taking vitamins because some things we get plenty of (like dairy) and some things we need more of (like nuts and seeds). So we’ll work towards that.

Mr.B is also studying positive thinking along with his CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) diploma, so we’ve had some great discussions about our heads being in the right place to reach these goals. There is a Spiritual and emotional difference in our home already and it feels great to be stepping up a gear!

Just thought I’d share, hopefully it’ll inspire you guys with your self-improvement.

Love & blessings

Anna xx


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