Let It Shine

Morning Peeps!

So glad to get up and see the sun this morning, as that was not what was forecast! A large part of my excitement is that it’s the joint churches fun day today! (At the Castle, Bude, 2-6pm….if you’re in the area)

I heard someone preach about being salt and light and the whole ‘not hiding your light’ thing a few weeks ago and I keep thinking about it, so I thought I’d share…

First though, I have to do this: (Everyone sing along now)


Right, now I’ve got that out of my system (and into your heads) let’s talk:

Matthew 5:13-16 talks about keeping our passion for God and keeping our light (our example) shining to the world. It was, in part, that sermon that helped me choose to become a Christian at 13; I wanted to live God’s way, be different and help others….still a work in progress but happy to be on the right track!

More recently it has come to mean something different to me: The second part of the scripture talks about not losing your flavour or hiding your light. While no- one wants to do that, we sometimes get bogged down with stuff we have to do or think about, but we need to remember praise is a conscious choice. (Not preaching here, am talking to me as much as I am to you guys!)

I’m trying to sing and thank God more, which is a lot easier some days than others! But God knows that and appreciates the effort even more on the rough days… It amazes me that even when I feel rubbish God wants my little gift of praise, He doesn’t need it but it pleases Him, like a thank you card pleases us. I am allowed to list my problems and complain to Him (and we probably all have) but it’s a relationship that needs love and appreciation as well, just like our Earthly ones do.

Guess what? God still wants me to praise Him and be be a good example, just as much as He did when I was 13…..and He will still want that for me when I’m 83!


So today I’m choosing to let my light shine in praise and thankfulness to God, will you join me?


Have a lovely day,

Anna x


3 thoughts on “Let It Shine

  1. EXACTLY …. and yes Anna, I’m with you!

    Your right …. we all need to know that we are appreciated. We all need that loving comment now and again. We all need to feel the thank you when we’ve done something – or even just for being who we are. God is exactly the same. He needs to hear us having a conversation with him. He needs to hear our thanks for everything we have. His is a difficult job, and not one I envy for I know I’d be rubbish at it. So I than Him for being the responsible adult in the room when I’m around. His guidance and gentle hand is such a gift. I thank Him with all my heart.

    GREAT post Anna. Keep going my beautiful blogging friend. You WILL grow your following. Slowly but surely.

    Sending my love ~ Cobs. x

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