A Reminder for Parents

Morning All!

Just thought I’d share with you all that we had a great time yesterday at the fun day and then in the evening we went to a proper disco at our local pub. 🙂 (oh and I booked for me and her to go to the biggest Christmas fair around here!…yes she is as bad as me with the early starting, I’m so proud!)

It’s great that teenager is old enough to go where little kids can’t but I don’t think we take advantage of it enough. When you have littlies you put on the sing-song voice and pretend to be interested in the stick they found or the 17th dog they’ve pointed out that day…and the child loves it because at that age they need positive affirmation of what they’re discovering….teens are a bit different.

My daughter is fab to be with, but is often happy on her own doing art or listening to music or watching YouTube videos….she knows what sticks and dogs are, so it’s a little harder to find common ground: So we work at it!

We remember to have fun; to take opportunities; to plan one-to-one time (just me and her, just her and her Dad); we find age-appropriate things to do…. like body-boarding and museums/exhibitions you wouldn’t dare to take a toddler to!

I guess I’m just reminding you (and us) to have fun when you can and appreciate the stage they’re at.

Have a great Sunday peeps!

Anna x


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