A Great Feeling

Morning Peeps!

Yesterday we had some unexpected news and I wanted to share it to inspire you:

I’ve talked about our debt journey a lot Why We Have A Budget, Budgeting Basics and Financial Help and Useful Info are just a few examples. In one of my posts I said that the feeling of getting out of debt was worth the effort…..

Never was that more true than yesterday: Mr.B had a free credit report as part of a savings club (for household bills) he signed up to and it’s back like it was when he was 18! Literally just his current account on there…we were shocked as although we’ve paid our debts, we didn’t expect the credit file to be updated so quickly or that it’d improve his score so much! (Mine would be like that, but I’m down-graded as I don’t have a regular job.)

Aside from the fact that it is a great feeling to see no credit accounts on there, I get a bit extra satisfaction from the thought of these companies sending us junk to get us to apply for credit and us telling them we’re not interested….ever!

I knew it felt good as we were paying it off on the snowball system and I expected this to happen in theory, but it’s sooooo much better in real life!!

Just want to encourage those of you who are on the budgeting and getting-out-of-debt paths, it feels so, so good when it’s done. Be strong, resist the plastic!


Have a great day (hope your ‘summer’ weather is better than here!)

Anna x

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