The Holy Spirit Difference

Good Morning my lovely peeps!

It’s a bit grey here today, but not letting it dampen my mood! How is it where you are?

As you will know (if you have read some previous faith posts) I’ve been working my way through the book of Acts in my Bible study time… As a teenager I struggled to read it, I believed it but it seemed like a History lesson ‘Peter went here’ ‘this guy was persecuted’ ‘that guy was healed’ etc. I just didn’t get the significance.

However, our recent church services have focused on 2 things, improving our relationship with the Holy Spirit and growing into our purpose (some weeks have been major kick up the backside messages…I like those)

The Holy Spirit is the difference. I’ve encountered it before, particularly in worship, but I feel His presence more and more. It has made so much difference to my Bible reading as I now know how they felt and how they had that power to heal. I understand reasons and messages I completely missed before!

So I just want to encourage you to invite the Holy Spirit to help you (kinda what He’s there for!) and I want you to try worship before you read…and think about it afterwards. I’ve done the ‘I must read the whole book’ thing, but sometimes it’s better to read a chapter or 2 and it really sink in; you could know the whole thing by heart and still miss the point. So please take the time to breathe it in and let it take root.

Have a blessed day.

Anna x


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