More Recipes To Try….

Howdy Peeps!

Firstly, Happy Monday: It’s 21 weeks til Christmas! 🙂

Secondly, there are loads of blogs out there producing awesome food ideas, so I just have to share them with you! (And hopefully my family will be trying them soon too!)

These Skewers by Cooking without limits look gorgeous…..just need the weather to try them out on the barbeque!

What’s for Dinner Moms has this Feta and Watermelon Salad among the many recipes on that blog. I don’t eat a lot of watermelon, so want to give this a try.

Wish to Dish’s Rosie has said the magic words: Spinach and Ricotta! In this case, it’s homemade ravioli  If you know me at all, you’ll know Spinach and Ricotta anything will be my first choice when I’m out (Premier Inns and our local pub do great s&r lasagne!) In fact, spinach generally; I use it as main base of salads all the time (because it’s so much tastier than lettuce.) Definitely doing this one!

Had to include a sweet treat, so this Strawberry and White Chocolate Blondie  from Cooking with a Wallflower is the perfect summertime treat (when summer comes back!) A Blondie is basically a sponge-coloured brownie….and it has strawberries…and chocolate, what’s not to like?!

Last but not least, this latest offering from Biscuits and Ladles: Chilli-Ginger Chicken …I love Chilli…and ginger, so will be easy to find these ingredients in my house. Definitely on the list!

Right, now I’ve made all our mouths water, I’m off for breakfast!

Have a good one my lovely peeps!

Anna x



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