Things to Make Life Easier

Howdy Peeps!

I’m not really into stuff like technology, but there are a few things I’d struggle without:

  1. My steam mop… I love it so! It’s red like most of my kitchen accessories, (although they don’t have to be) so that’s cute. Hubby bought it for me when we moved in here because we have a lot of tiled floors. I love it because it’s so much more hygienic than some grey and tatty mop head, the microfibre pads just Velcro on and off so you can shove dirty ones in the washing machine! (BTW the glass cleaner and hob scrubber attachments are lifesavers!!)
  2. My dishwasher, I don’t know how I managed so many years without one! Mine is second-hand, but it’s not terribly pricey new… you can see for yourself here.
  3. My 3-in-1 Vax is awesome! It is almost identical to the one my mum had circa 1990 and just as well-made. We had a modern upright one, which was OK for spills but not good to do our whole lounge (which is about 18 feet long). So when that one died we got the traditional ‘orange Dalek’ which is a carpet cleaner and vacuum and upholstery cleaner, it is my new favourite toy!


So I just thought I’d share my findings, what are your essential gadgets and machinery?


Anna x


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