Mr.B Inspires Me

Just wanted to share with you, my lovely blog peeps, that my hubby is awesome.

He’s been studying CBT and Positive Thinking stuff for a while; his discipline, strength and his willingness to try new ways to solve a problem, are an inspiration.

Days when I’ve struggled to eat healthily or stay positive, he’s right there to say don’t worry we’ll try this together. I am eternally grateful for him.

If you are struggling with something, find a buddy or professional to help you. Some people find groups helpful, not for me; I prefer the 1-to-1 but whatever works for you. Support really does make a difference!

It doesn’t have to be your spouse, anyone you trust is fine. Anyhoo, just wanted his example to inspire you all to be that helper and search one out when you need one.

Have a blessed day!

Anna x


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