Morning Peeps!

We’ve lots of things changing here at the moment, so I wanted to stop and review a few things with you before my brain completely gives in to the chaos!

Firstly, our holiday: We are long-standing Thomson/TUI customers so we booked through them and were as happy with them (as always) particularly the quality of the flight experience. We booked a package at the Catalonia Punta Del Rey (click on the name and it will show you)

It was spotlessly clean; the staff were lovely; the entertainment was awesome; the food offered loads of variety and it really was all inclusive (we’ve had some holidays where they’ve said like one ice cream a day at 3pm, but here there was a freezer and you could help yourself to a pot any time)… Really impressed. It is in a quieter area of Tenerife, but there are some shops and cafes along the promenade so we were fine (also had a different market stall in reception every day!)

The only thing I found hard (Spanish law so not the hotel’s fault) is that people can and will smoke anywhere…when we’ve had nearly 10 years in UK of public areas being smoke-free it’s a bit of a shock (there are lots of spaces to move around and food hall was smoke-free though, so don’t worry.) Overall though, it was fab and I recommend it!

Secondly, while on said holiday. I was reading Anne of Green Gables on my kindle (for the zillionth time) and can’t recommend it enough. Set in Victorian Canada, Girls of 8-11ish onward will appreciate the first 2 books about Anne aged 11-16 looking at education and dating and mischief. Those are the only books I had as a child and I’m glad: Now, reading through the full collection as a mother, I remember the first feelings, but the later books talk of college and marriage and her children. I’m sure a teenager could understand all the books, but it seems so much more relatable as an adult (having been through all of that). If you have girls or ever were one, please go and read it immediately!

My third and final review, is Amazon’s Echo dot. I talked the other day about technology (and maybe not in the most positive terms) as part of my post “I Object!”

Well Mr.B used his birthday money to get the Echo Dot and I have to say I’m impressed. This little Bluetooth-speaker-sized thing is cute, it’s crystal clear and actually useful. They can do anything from playing games to telling the time, but here’s a few things we’ve used it for so far:

  • Playing the radio…we’re in a bit of a signal slump here and we can play 2 stations we love but can’t get on our actual radio.
  • Setting reminders and timers (which is what hubby bought it for)
  • Finding recipes (which it saves to your Alexa App on phone/tablet so you don’t have to write it down as she says it)
  • Linked it to numerous accounts for Amazon, Spotify, Gmail and more.

I am genuinely impressed at how much you can use them for (including math games and Word for today!) so I take back what I said, it’s useful and cute! 🙂


I’ve taken enough of your time, but really wanted to share…so if  you’ve read this much, give yourself a pat on the back!

Have a good day y’all!

Anna x


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