Be Excited

Hi-de-hi peeps!

Firstly, I am excited because I get to try the recipe tonight that I wrote about last week (Desperate to Try This Recipe) Yay!

But now to the main point….

You know I said yesterday I’d been reading Anne of Green Gables? (If not, you can read my Reviews post here if you want to catch up) Well I read more this morning and have decided why I love it: It’s the eternal hope and optimism.

The child-like heroine is as much a dreamer and optimist as a married woman as she was at 11; that’s something to aim for! I hate negativity, but am guilty of it myself far too often, so cannot criticize. I think the way in which Anne sees beauty in the world is how God intended us to see it. There is beauty in everything, even the sadder things in life.

The books continuously give little flashes of inspiration and poetic descriptions of nature that would make even the most exhausted heart leap with joy. There is something so peaceful in the described nature and something more in Anne’s view of life that makes it so appealing.

I want to live like that! I am purposely trying to find joy in everything and things to be thankful for, there are plenty: Food, Warmth, Shelter, Sunsets and Salvation to name but a few.

So today I will try to live and work positively. Will you join me?

What makes you happy and thankful?

Have a lovely day!

God bless,

Anna x


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