Holiday Snaps…As Promised

Afternoon Peeps!

Special edition post before the holiday novelty wears off….

Las Caletillas was beautiful, but most of the pics are of Loro Parque (Voted best zoo in Europe and second best in the world!) Teenager wanted to go as they have the world’s largest penguinarium…they weren’t kidding! Aside from penguins you’ll see cats big and small (strays being well looked after by hotel staff and guests).

I’m always wary of zoos and displays, but the animals genuinely seemed happy and healthy. Dorsal fins erect, no mange or skinniness and lots of space/enrichment activities. The place is close to carbon-neutral with solar power and recycling bins everywhere and an awesome breeding/conservation programme.

Enjoy! x


My new fave pic of teenager….IMG_20170802_082053


‘Stray’ babies in hotelIMG_20170803_171653

Lots of penguins, took like 10-15 mins to go around (voice-over thingy said low lighting as it would be winter where they’re from and they try to recreate natural lighting!)IMG_20170804_105158IMG_20170804_105340

New fave family pic ❤ IMG_20170804_120544IMG_20170804_123430IMG_20170804_123511IMG_20170804_123546IMG_20170804_130503IMG_20170804_131055IMG_20170804_142953

Large cat being cat-like (i.e. asleep)IMG_20170804_151922IMG_20170804_152504IMG_20170804_152701IMG_20170804_152946IMG_20170804_160314IMG_20170804_143104IMG_20170805_083245IMG_20170805_083252

Hope you enjoyed this flit into my happy memories, thanks for stopping by x


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