Kids and Spending

Morning Peeps!

Just a quick post to re-share my thoughts on allowance and trusting kids with financial decisions.

I have had several conversations or incidences come up recently about how to handle this stuff…I don’t claim to have all the answers, but I will share what we do when asked, so in case you missed them, here are my posts on kids and Finance:

Kids and Allowance

Trust and Reward

10 Cheap or Free Ways to Entertain the Kiddos!

You may also like to visit (or re-visit):

University/College Finance

Why buying used isn’t gross

Baby Budget

A Reminder for Parents

Keeping it Simple


Just thought I’d share my thoughts for those who haven’t read/heard them… I hope they help you to grow financially savvy kiddos #proudmama

Have a great day


Anna x


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