Random News

Hellooooo Peeps! (That’s not a type-o it’s me being Hyper!)

Sorry for lateness in uploading, but because it’s the holidays aquafit is on early (so kids can have pool 11-5 ish) so went there first…..I apologize unreservedly for you being second today when you’re used to being first on my list.

The You Are What You Eat! thing is obviously working as I’ve lost 3.4lbs this week! Woohoo! (Some of that may admittedly be the weight I put on in Tenerife, but hey, at least it’s gone again!)

Mr.B and I had a lovely day reminiscing yesterday (as it was recently 10 years since we moved back to the South West from Liverpool, and it’s nearly our wedding anniversary). We had lots of pictures on the PC of places we’ve lived and our wedding and places we grew up in…it was lovely!

After Aquafit this morning, I went and raided Pound World and B&M for stationery as September is fast approaching.. Teenager will be going into Year 9, I think the equivalent in the USA is last year of Junior High (!!!) I feel old, but excited for her….

On a similar note, today is A-Level results day. Congrats to all those who have had their results today in A levels or equivalent courses! In the next week or two I’ll be writing about starting University/College so watch this space! In the mean time, enjoy the remainder of the holidays.

Have a lovely day xx

Anna x

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