Beauty in Creation

How-do Peeps!

I just wanted to share a little thought that keeps cropping up in my head… Beauty makes me think of the Creator.

Earlier this week I was talking to a neighbour about how blessed we are to live here (especially when tourists pay a fortune for a week by our beaches) because we have everything from beaches to countryside and architecture.

In whichever Anne of Green Gables book I’m at now, there is a young lad who prefers poetry to fighting, he describes the spring so beautifully.

The weather and the Carnival yesterday were so bright and colourful; we are blessed with eyes that can see those colours and details.

On amazing facts pages, bored panda and other sharing networks, people often share breathtaking photos of nature…because it’s awesome!

For me, the sky is often a source of enjoyment, with its sunsets and stars and lightning. There is evidence of the Creator in everything we see and I want to try to remember that in my day.

What do you stop and admire in creation? Whatever it is, enjoy and cherish it.

Have a blessed Sunday xx

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