Random Tuesday Thoughts

Howdy Peeps!

My brain is all over the place today, so enter at your own risk! šŸ˜‰

Firstly a question for you; How do you deal with busy-ness? I have set things I do at certain times (like cooking and laundry) and then everything else for the day is written down and ticked as I do them…otherwise my brain leaves the building and takes half my to-do list with it!

Yesterday (and previously in Why Moanaā€™s Mum is Awesome) I’ve mentioned the film Moana.. a lot….because I love it! This morning I found 2 blogs talking about the gospel message through Moana! You can findĀ Jeanette’s hereĀ andĀ Jesie’s here.Ā They are so worth a read, especially if you’re in a role where you can share the gospel with children. I love all this film referencing and stuff that makes the Bible relatable to modern kids. I think my favourite resource so far was the Minecraft Bible stories… if you know any little Minecraft players, that is an awesome way for them to access The Word.

You are probably aware (or can at least work it out from when I last told you) that yesterday was 18 weeks until Christmas. (Whoop whoop!) If you want to get ahead and save money, I have Christmas boards on my PinterestĀ page with crafts and homemade gifts to work on. When we get closer to the big day, I’ll share money-saving tips and food ideas on here too.

Poor Mr.B has a full week of heavy work ahead of him, we are so grateful for what he does to keep our family fed and sheltered. I want you all to know that we love and appreciate him….as do many of you, itĀ seems! He was very touched to know that his birthday was the post which got the most likes and comments ever (on here and my Facebook page… which got like 260 views) so thanks for supporting him. I really appreciate you all, but even more so for that. šŸ™‚

If you’re in the UK, you may be aware that this coming Thursday is GCSE results day (!) so if you have results to come, or know someone who has, I’ll be doing a special post for them on the day as part of my ‘moving on with education’ series. Don’t forget those hopeful students in your thoughts and prayers!

I think my brain has de-fogged a bit now, so thanks for sticking with me!

Have a good one, TTYL peeps!

Anna xx


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