GCSE Results Day

How-do peeps!

So, I promised to talk about GCSE results on this ‘fine August morning’ (’tis a bit grey out there!) and here I am. 🙂 If you are expecting results today or know someone who is, please read and share…if you’re done with all that, then spare a thought/prayer for those waiting patiently today.

Firstly, congrats to all exam takers and school leavers, (regardless of the grades you have) because you have reached a milestone in the ‘growing-up thing’ and have survived it!

You are also history-makers as the first ones to have the new grading system of 9-1 instead of A*-G!! For anyone who doesn’t understand the new system, see this article in the Evening Standard.

I did a lot of years of exams and then several as a teacher, so I know the feeling well (the teachers will feel as ruffled as the pupils today: fact.) There will be joy and disappointment…and probably tiredness from lack of sleep last night. I highly recommend a veg-out and/or nap when you’re done with results!

If you get the grades you require for your next stage of work or education, then you either have a conditional acceptance already or will receive a formal acceptance by the end of the month, this will tell you what to do next. Well done! 🙂 If you do not hear from your new place of study/employment by the 31st, then ring or email them and confirm.

If you had a conditional acceptance, then it may be a good idea to let them know your grades and ask for confirmation in a day or two.


If you have not made the grade, panic not, there are several options:

If you are going on to higher education, there is probably the opportunity to re-sit. I know several teachers who had to take their Maths GCSE again to get it above a grade C (grade 4 or higher on the new system).

You should contact the place you’re intending to go to and let them know your grades and ask if you have a place still. If it is not guaranteed, they will usually offer some sort of clearing process like the universities do, (see A Level Results and University) or the option to re-sit or even a specific course that’s related to the one you wanted (for example, if you were going to do NVQ level 3, they may offer you a year of Level 2 to get to Level 3 without re-sitting anything).

If you were to start a job or apprenticeship, then the same rules apply: Contact them and let them know your grades and discuss options. They may take you anyway, or they may ask you to re-sit. (You could volunteer to do so, which may go down well…. they will see your enthusiasm, willingness to work, initiative, etc.)

They may have a lesser offer for you, so you could work your way up (like the NVQ example above) but make sure you know your rights and the laws around what’s expected of someone your age.

You may be able to take a course alongside the work, either through the company or a local college (if the company don’t arrange this for you, see ‘clearing’ above).


Anyway, the point is there are lots of options. You have time, so take it all in first. After the initial rush of adrenalin and conversations with all your nearest and dearest, chill out a bit before you deal with the next step. If you feel stressed out or need help with the next step, talk to someone…parents, teachers, friends..just please don’t stress yourself out, there’s always a way.

Go and have a well-earned afternoon off!

I wish you every success (teachers and parents included)

Anna x


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