Faith, Blog and Love

Hi-de-ho Peeps!

Firstly, it’s Friday before Bank Holiday weekend **Whoop Whoop!**

I wanted to talk to you about some really good faith resources in the blogging world. I often share recipes from other blogs but haven’t yet from other Christian bloggers. So here are some of the excellent posts I’ve read recently:

This is the most recent post from but there will be more by the time some of you read this. I love this blog! There are devotionals (like the one linked) and a daily proverb, which (if you’ve read my other blog posts on faith) you will already know I enjoy doing. They also share beautiful worship music, please take a look.

His Perfect Timing is an inspirational and positive blog. This post (click on the blog name for link) is about blessing others and using your gifts, which is a message that is very dear to my heart. Their blog posts are all beautiful, hopeful and inspiring as this one is.

Patricia at My Precious Life shares her thoughts on God and creation. The post I have linked here is about the beauty of butterflies…I totally agree with her!

This post just blew me away. We all know that treasure in heaven is better than earthly riches, but Jesus and Green Tea  always provides a fresh perspective. C.C. Brown is a writer we don’t hear enough about or from…always look forward to these blogs.

There are dozens more. Many, like me, are not exclusively Christian blogs but their faith is woven into their lifestyle or parenting blogs…so keep your eyes open to what God gives you to read.

Have a blessed day peeps!

Anna x


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