Happiness in the Little Things

Happy Saturday Peeps!

I was going to write about selling unwanted stuff, but that’ll keep for another day because I wanted to thank you all for being one of the lovely parts of my week!

These last 3 days have been a huge success blog-wise and you’re all so friendly and encouraging, I’m really touched.

To the outside world, nothing remarkable has happened this week; I’ve spent a lot of time at home as Mr.B was working and teenager wanted some time with a new computer game, which is fine as I love my home. If you look a little deeper though, I’ve had some joys and victories this week that make me really happy:

Firstly, as I’ve already mentioned, is the blogging…I get so much love from you guys and find all sorts of new and interesting blogs every week! I’m not a natural writer and didn’t think I’d enjoy this as much as I have these last 3 months, so thank you for letting me waffle on and being willing to read it! 🙂

I’ve had precious time this week to call relatives, catch up with people on Facebook and send love and prayers for people, it’s nice not to be too busy. (Much less exciting but I’ve had time to keep on top of the laundry too!)

I’ve had a couple of chillaxed ‘films and snacks’ sessions with the teenager and been to see friends where we used to live. They invited her for the day to go to a district show and then I went to pick her up and had a good natter with the other girl’s parents 🙂 Also, in dropping her at said agricultural show, I had to come back through some tiny little villages, not 5 miles from here, that I didn’t know existed! It was beautiful…and the diversion tested my sense of direction, which was fun!

On the topic of the teenager, she had computer problems I was in no way capable of solving, but I was touched she still came to me for comfort when it went wrong…and was so pleased for her when she fixed it herself! She is working on an exciting project, but I’ll tell you about that when it’s ready….

Mr.B also survived the week, heavy as it’s been, he has friends at work he didn’t know last time they had this heavy workload…I’m thankful he has people to laugh with at coffee time (although knowing what pranksters him and his comrades can be, I don’t need to know what they were laughing at….)

Yesterday I had to ring our landlords and Mrs.Landlord answered. She is so lovely (they both are) and asked specifically after each of us, pets included. I needed a plumber, she sorted it and rang me back and the guy was here about an hour later…. all of them (plumber included) are lovely people… and so efficient!

I’m sure there have been dozens of little blessings this week I haven’t mentioned, just wanted to share a few to remind you to look for them in your lives and to thank you all for being blessings to me.

Enjoy your day,

Anna x


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