Making Your Money Go Further

Hello Peeps!

I wanted to do a budget-friendly post today and I know everyone wants the best value for their money, so here are a few tips.

1 Don’t buy the first thing you see: Shop around. We went to a festival last year with loads of food vans, outside the main venue, that were extortionate! Then inside the main venue, there was a drinks and snacks bar run by the event coordinators, much cheaper…and yummy!

2 Sleep on it: If you see something you want to buy or need to buy, don’t be rushed into it. If it’s a good deal, it’ll probably still be there in the morning and you’ll still be willing to buy it. If the idea cools off then it probably wasn’t worth the money.

3 Know your times & seasons: Your local store will have set times when their fresh produce gets reduced (and for that matter when the best new stock comes in). They will also have set times when DVDs are cheap (usually October and February half term holidays) and there will always be sales after every major holiday. So get to know key times and stock up!

4. Buy used: There are a few exceptions to this for safety or hygiene reasons, but generally, a great way to get homeware and clothes really cheaply, we haunt the local charity shop and have found some gorgeous clothes and even chairs there. See Why buying used isn’t gross for more ideas.

5: Make your own: With food especially, making your own is usually cheaper and you have the added bonus of knowing exactly what goes into it. You can also make your own gifts… see my Pinterest board on Christmas crafts to get ahead.

Remember these tips when you’re next out shopping and I hope you have a great weekend!

Anna x


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