Lazy Days

Morning Peeps!

Sorry for the late post, we’re on a bit of a go-slow here this morning.

It’s a bank holiday and my baby isn’t 100% so I’ve been up since 5am being nurse. I know she’s a teenager and not a baby, but when they’re poorly…. my mum reliably informs me that the feeling of ‘my poor baby’ doesn’t change even when your baby is sick at  30-something! 😉

Now I’m getting to my jobs and staying positive. Okay, so my jobs may not be done so early and plans have been changed,  but we’re all safe and comfortable and it’s a beautiful day.

So I hope you all have a beautiful day, in weather and spirit ☺… I’m off to put the washing out while teenager is binge-watching episodes of Once Upon A Time!

Have a good day!

Anna x

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