Morning Peeps,

So yesterday afternoon our cat Jack went to sleep and slipped away.

At almost 13 and having an existing heart condition,  it wasn’t a complete shock, but still not how I expected to spend Monday evening.

He was a lovely boy and has given us lots of happy memories.

Reminiscing has been good for the soul and, once the initial sadness had gone, we found ourselves laughing about his adventures and curious sleeping habits!

As a kitten he used to sneak into teenager’s cot for his day naps, he’s in a lot of home movies of our daughter’s birthdays and christmases. Where we used to live he was often found on the school field getting food and adoration from primary school pupils…he even got himself a seat on the parents’ chairs on sports day! 😊

so I thought I’d share some memories with you today and get back on track tomorrow.

Have a good day,

Anna x


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