Easy Party Treats

Howdy peeps.

First up, thanks for all the lovely messages yesterday about Jack… and teenager, she’s doing much better……you’re all so sweet, thank you.

Said teenager has a slumber party on Friday so I thought I’d share a few easy party treat recipes I intend to use: (I use the term “recipes” loosely…..)

1 Smores: Toasted marshmallow (over firepit, gas hob or even a candle) sandwiched between 2 chocolate digestive biscuits.

I hope the weather’s nice enough for the firepit option because I bought these cute toasting forks that extend so kids aren’t too close to flames! (They also have different coloured rims on each handle so you know which is yours.)

2 Hot Chocolate Bar: Provide hot chocolate and a selection of dishes containing the following; Cream, sprinkles, chocolate flake pieces, cocoa powder for dusting, marshmallows and some snacks. My teenager’s ideal snacks would be more marshmallows and popcorn!

3 DIY kits: Plain cakes (see recipe here) or biscuits and as many types of icing and cake decorations as you can lay your hands on…. when they were younger I used to give them this to do while I was making dinner and then they got their ‘creations’ for dessert. 😉

Same goes for Pizza. Give each person a fist-sized ball of pizza dough and let them roll it out (on a floured surface) and top how they wish. I use Passata for the base and give them options like grated cheese, ham, pineapple, peppers, and sweet corn. Bake for 10-15 mins until the crust is firm.


I hope this helps you when you next have small-fry to entertain, think of us and the lack of sleep on Friday! LOL 🙂

Have a great day everyone!

Anna x


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