Back To School

Hi-de-hi Peeps!

So it’s the first of September… in England, this means the start of the school year. Anyone with a birthday yesterday will be in the school-year above birthdays today.

As today is Friday though, they don’t start school until next week.But it got me thinking….

Are we prepared? We have protractors and new pens and such, but what about our routine and our attitudes? Now is the time to start preparing mentally for school. Kids just starting or moving up to a new school will need the most preparation as the whole routine will be new to them. Talk to them about what to expect and what’s expected of them.

Sleep is another major issue, so start with the school time bed routine now. Help them get used to preparing the night before and sleeping at a reasonable time; both of which will help you as a parent. You will have to be prepared for the next day by bedtime too! This stops 8am trips to the shops for lunches or cooking ingredients! Like the rest of the stuff we do for our kiddos, it takes effort but is worthwhile.

Next, try to be positive: I can’t express this one enough! If a parent says “school’s a waste of time” or “I don’t like…” guess what the child will think?? If you’re stressed and rushing them out the door, they’ll be stressed. It’s simple to fix though, you need to be more prepared, even if that means getting up earlier. It’s much easier to be positive when you’re calm.

Be realistic and don’t compare: Basically don’t pressure the kid. Their mental health means a lot more than their grades. Try to adopt a ‘do the best you can’ attitude for everything, then that will include school.

Know without being nosy: This is hardest with teens who may not want to tell you everything, but all children will have something they find hard at school. So knowing their timetable and friends will help you prepare to deal with falling outs and days they are moody because a certain subject was hard. Take time to listen if they want to talk though, don’t assume they don’t. When the teenager was little, she’d rush to me and tell me everything, but now she needs some downtime and food before conversation! Sometimes it’s hard for Mumma to wait.

Well, I think I’ve waffled on enough, I hope it helps. Good luck to those starting new schools next week and for those heading off to Uni soon, I haven’t forgotten you: Your post will come next week!

Also, thank you all for the lovely messages we had for our anniversary yesterday!!

God bless,

Anna x


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