Enjoying The Little Things

Morning Peeps!

I am no good at waiting. I like to plan (in fact I just had a conversation with my mum about Christmas…which is only 114 days away!) and am often reminded to enjoy today and not miss it.

Today, for example, the sun is shining, my daughter has friends staying and I get a coffee-time chat with their mum when she comes to collect them! 🙂

When you have a baby or tantruming toddler, the more experienced parent will say things like “enjoy it, this stage doesn’t last long” to which every new parent responds “yeah right!” But it’s true, time does go fast and we all (me included) need to enjoy it.

The aforementioned slumber party went well last night (with as little slumber as can be expected); while they don’t need us to buy things or pour juice anymore, we had a lovely time chatting around the fire pit and making smores. It’s great to see teenager and chums growing (in character as well as height) and we enjoyed the moment with them.

So I’m trying to focus on time with the teenager, as she’s growing so fast. I’m enjoying this new stage of parenthood (I think, now I’m getting used to the idea) and it is certainly preferable to the “oh why can’t they stay little” attitude that I can’t abide.

I can’t say that I won’t plan far ahead, it would be contrary to nature, but I can plan things with my daughter we couldn’t do when she was small… like big roller coasters and Christmas fairs with breakable stuff for sale….she has grown into (and probably overtaken) my love for Christmas and plans accordingly, so we have that in common!

Anyhoo, I just wanted to encourage you (and me) to enjoy the day.

Have a good one!

Anna x


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