Be Careful What You Say

How-do Peeps!

Firstly, good luck to all of you returning to school this week!

Secondly, I’ve been thinking about this topic for a day or two…so thought I’d share.

This advice is cited numerous times in the Bible, for many different reasons.

Anger: There are tons of verses related to this, they tell us it’s foolish to speak in anger; it’ll stir up anger in others and we can’t take it back if we regret what we said.

Pain: We can build others up with good stuff but can cause pain to them and bring them down with the negative… pessimism and criticism shouldn’t be part of our vocab.  Basically, to quote Thumper “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothin’ at all.”

Blaspheming, Cursing and Swearing: Even if you’re not religious and are not worried about offending God, it’s not nice in public and could well offend someone you care about.

Promises: An oath or promise should be taken seriously, not fake or flippant. God sees our promises and His word says our yes should mean yes and our no mean no.

OK, these can all be negative effects from our mouths, but the positives are also true:

Hope: We can give people hope, positivity, encouragement, and show love through our words.

Peace: We can create calm as easily as we can create anger. We can talk to people kindly and gently and offer advice when it’s needed.

Happiness: St Paul tells us to be content with what we have (a by-product of which is that we won’t be spiteful to those who have what we want) and we canhelp others to achieve happiness, contentment, and success.

Most importantly, as Christians, we can pray and worship God! It helps us with things we’re struggling with, it improves our Christian walk and ultimately pleases the Lord.

So how will we speak today? With faith, hope, and love.

Have a blessed day.

Anna x


2 thoughts on “Be Careful What You Say

  1. We are recovering here in Tx from Hurricane Harvey! My neigborhood is safe, but my mom and other family members, many friends lost everything!


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