After School Snacks

Hi-diddly-ho peeps!

So it’s back to school day in our house and I haven’t shared a recipe in a while, so I splodged the two topics together for this fun post… happy reading (and subsequent munching)! 🙂

Pitta Bread: So easy and presents numerous options…the quickest is to fill them with ham, cheese and ketchup and serve with grapes. (Teenager’s favourite.) I like pitta bread (preferably toasted and sliced into strips) and carrot sticks to dip in hummus, peanut butter or salsa.

Cheese and Crackers: Self-explanatory, include some apple slices and grapes for fruit portion.

Tortillas….Yummy! including…. Guacamole and Tortilla Chips

Pasta or Noodles: With tomato-based sauce and grated cheese. This may be too large a snack for small kiddies or those who have dinner early, but for teens it’s great! Healthy and filling…especially as we eat later when Mr.B finishes work.

Smoothies: Nutritious and filling, try this one Cheap n Healthy Smoothie 

For more ideas see Snacks, Treats and Light Bites

I hope all your families have a great term….and enjoy the snacks!

Anna x


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