Saturday Randomness

Good Morning Ladles and Jellyworms!

I did a very sensible post yesterday, so feel the need for some randomness today…especially as it’s grey and rainy.

Firstly some thank yous are in order: Thanks for the love and support during the week, it was kinda lousy at the beginning as I had a serious toothache.

Thank you also for my stats last week, they were my best so far…and hello to you my lovely new followers…welcome to the madness!


Teenager seems quite happy with the back to school thing and we’ve already done the ‘mum rushing up there with something she needs’ and the ‘short-notice after school guests’ things so I think we’re back to normal!


I’m not back into my routine yet (like I said, toothache and back to school) but I’m hoping that will improve in the week ahead. My goals this week are as follows:

  • Lose 2lb (2lb per week now until Christmas is 30lb…good incentive!)
  • Eat less sugar (helps with the goal above and need to not eat like I’m on holiday still!)
  • Get to all Aquafit classes (yesterday I went for the first time in a fortnight! It felt good, it will help with weight loss and I’m paying for it so I want my money’s worth!)
  • Make lunch plans with a friend
  • Help at church (in process of redecorating a bigger place to move into…very exciting!)
  • Do some more work on my e-books (one on debt and one on Bible study)

and a bunch of every=day stuff….what are your goals for the week??


Despite this week’s discomfort, I managed to launch my Education page, it seems to have had a positive response. If you have a topic you’d like me to cover on there or some info about the school system in other countries, I’d love to hear from you!

Speaking of topics to cover on my blog, I’ve been mulling over the idea of media… such as book and film reviews. People seem to be visiting my Why Moana’s Mum is Awesome post even now.

I’ve always loved looking for morals or hidden meanings in films (probably to do with using them in RE classes and church youth work). Also, film theories and reviews seem popular at the mo (I certainly love them)….so I guess I’m asking if you’d be interested in reading them??

Now I’ve picked your brains, I want to give you a smile 🙂 you deserve it for putting up with my interrogation! (note that I’m apologising for the questioning, not the madness…I make no apologies for that!)

What always makes me smile (apart from my family of course) is a funny cat and a trip to Cobs’ site her funny and factual ‘Friday posts’ are always good for a giggle…please have a nosy over there!

Meanwhile, I’ll leave you with some picture of Smudge being odd 🙂


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

FYI the one where she’s asleep on teenager’s new school bag didn’t end well as the chair tipped over….she’s fine, but looked slightly cross afterwards! Don’t tell her I told you, she’d be most indignant! 😉

Have a good day my friends

Anna x

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